Plusieurs photos : Avanti II (1963-2007)

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Plusieurs photos : Avanti II (1963-2007)

Message  Le Chat Caméra le Sam 12 Mar 2011, 08:36

bonjour !

Une ancienne plutôt rare dans les expositions !

Avanti II

After the closure of Studebaker's South Bend factory on 20 December 1963, cars bearing the name of its celebrated Avanti sports coupé continued to be produced by a series of entrepreneurs, initially from left-over Studebaker components and later from General Motors and Ford chassis and engines. These replica cars created a following by some enthusiasts and collectors.


An internet report in 2006 said Kelly had sold the company in 1988 and repurchased it in 1999; and that the company had established a new factory at Cancun, Mexico, but the company foundered after Kelly was arrested in December 2006 and imprisoned without bail on major fraud counts.

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The Avanti started life in 1962 as the Raymond Loewy designed flagship sports car of Studebaker automobile company. Despite the demise of Studebaker itself the intrinsic strengths of the Avanti have allowed it to remain at the forefront of American sports cars for more than a generation.

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Quelques photos...

Avanti II 1974

Avanti II 1984

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