Plusieurs photos : Catercar (1905-1915)

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Plusieurs photos : Catercar (1905-1915)

Message  Le Chat Caméra le Jeu 31 Mai 2012, 17:24

bonjour !

Voiture peu connu ayant un certain lien avec General Motors... study


The Cartercar was an American automobile manufactured in 1905 in Jackson, Michigan, in 1906 in Detroit, and from 1907 to 1915 in Pontiac, Michigan.
Tragedy struck when Byron Carter died in 1908 as a result of trying to start a stalled car; the crank kicked back and hit him in the jaw, causing gangrene which ultimately proved fatal. Carter was a personal friend of Cadillac founder Henry Leland, and his unfortunate death prompted development of the Self-Starter (introduced in 1912), the first successful motor vehicle electric starting system, eliminating the dangerous crank.

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Quelques photos...

Cartercar 1911 - Vue au Musée d'Oshawa en 2012

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