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Factory Five fermé pour 2 semaines Empty Factory Five fermé pour 2 semaines

Message  Buick68 Lun 23 Mar 2020, 17:38

Dans la ligné des annonces sur les commerces jugés "non-essentiels"  Arrow

Two Weeks Shutdown at Factory Five Due to COVID-19 & State of Mass. Directive

Today, Monday March 23, the Governor of Massachusetts put in place a statewide ban on businesses that are deemed non-essential. The closure is effective Tuesday March 24 and lasts two weeks til Wednesday, April 8th.

We have been frantically shipping as much product as possible, and will be suspending operations for two weeks per the Government directive. This is something we have anticipated, and we are almost 3 weeks ahead in production. So apart from shipping delays, we should see our production ready to resume with as little affect on our customers as possible.

If you have any questions or urgent matters, send e-mails to info@factoryfive.com.

Factory Five fermé pour 2 semaines Ff10

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