Gentleman, start your "F****KING BIG" engine !!!!

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Gentleman, start your "F****KING BIG" engine !!!!

Message  cam90 le Dim 07 Déc 2014, 12:42

affraid affraid affraid

This 82 years old machine is still functioning big time. This mammoth-sized B&W engine was build and constructed in 1932, and it has been the biggest diesel engine in the whole world for over 30 years. Today it can be found in DieselHouse, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it is used as a still functioning survival and part of the history of Diesel engines.

DM 884WS-150 works with 8 cylinder engine and it can generate 22 500 HP (15.000kW) and in the period between 1970 and 2004 it was in a stand-by condition, just in case if there is a power failure in the plant. These last 10 years, it does not serve to any other purpose accept as a tourist attraction. Guys from DieselHouse are hosting all kinds of exhibitions, which are complemented with many audio and visual additions, in order to bring the history closer to the visitors.

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