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tour de poteau impréssionnant !!!!

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tour de poteau impréssionnant !!!! Empty tour de poteau impréssionnant !!!!

Message  350 V8 le Sam 24 Nov 2012, 21:07

je suis certainement pas dans la bonne section pour ce sujet , alors déplacer au bonne endroit si cé le cas , svp

cé en anglais et je ne traduirais pas en français avec google ou autres parceque on cé pourquoi Confused

j`ai voulut vous en faire part car je trouve ça vraiment impréssionnant start danger

tour de poteau impréssionnant !!!! 636_5310

Here Is another account of what happenedI was behind this car the night it happened and remember it well. I had a 69 Roadrunner back then and we had all been making our rounds that night. The Camaro was a 1969 Z-28 with a 302 and it was racing a Ford p/up truck of 1950's vintage. As we topped the hill, I backed out of it because of the traffic light ahead. The Camaro was slightly ahead and hit his brakes just as the truck was changing lanes. The truck clipped the bumper of the Z-28 and it simply went into the air sideways. I estimate they were going around 90=95 mph because I was still doing 80 and slowing down.
The car slid on it's passenger side right into the pole instantly knocking out the power in the area. The sound was like a sonic boom. The truck slid just off the road onto the sidewalk.
The two boys were 16 and 15 years old, the driver lived in Hixson and the passenger lived near the lake off of Kings Point road if I recall. I know their names but out of respect to the families will not post them.
The driver was hanging half out of the car and the passenger was bunched up in the floor and no, there are no remains in the car. They were both removed and taken to East Ridge Hospital. Other than being bloody, they were intact and really did not look that bad.
I remember the headlights were still on and the radio was playing and that made it kind of spooky.
The fire department pried open the trunk and tore into the back seat to see if anyone was in the back seat in spite of us telling them nobody else was in the car. The wrecker tried several times to pull the car off the pole with no luck. They cut it top and bottom leaving what you see today.
The driver of the truck was brought up on charges of vehicular homicide. The police began a major crackdown on drag racing after this ending an era that had gone on since the 60's.
In those days Brainerd road was the place to be on Friday night. We would cruise all night, park in Jubilee city parking lot and drink beer, do burn outs, head over to the drive in and check out the cars, go to the Cotton Patch...just had a lot of fun. I miss those days.
I lived in Brainerd near Moore road back then and went home and got my camera, I have some pictures taken at the scene just moments after it happened.

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Les chariots feront rage sur la route. Ils se défieront, se dépasseront l'un l'autre. Ils brilleront comme des torches. Ils courront comme des éclairs. tour de poteau impréssionnant !!!! 3792241030
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350 V8
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tour de poteau impréssionnant !!!! Empty Re: tour de poteau impréssionnant !!!!

Message  SYLVAIN y le Sam 24 Nov 2012, 21:31

Batar Shocked asser impréssionnant doh a+

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